Three Major Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Home In Durham, North Carolina

Whether you are packing up and leaving town, moving to a larger place, or downsizing, it is important to make a quick sale when you put your house on the market. Knowing what mistakes to avoid when selling a home in Durham, North Carolina can increase your odds of making a quick sale. Below are three of the most common mistakes that home sellers make:

Mistake #1 – Choosing The Wrong Real Estate Agent

Even though you might think that you can save a lot of money by selling your home yourself, it is almost always best to work with a real estate agent. Agents have a lot of knowledge about the local real estate market. They also are familiar with how real estate transactions work, meaning that they can help you avoid making costly errors.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make, however, is choosing the wrong real estate agent. Like any profession, some agents are a lot better at their jobs than others. The last thing that you want is to hire a real estate agent who doesn’t have a good track record of selling properties.

When searching for an agent, look for someone who is experienced and who is knowledgeable about the local area. Read reviews of agents in the Durham area to see which ones have the highest ratings. Meet with several different professionals until you find one who really seems to understand your needs.

Mistake #2 – Listing Your House At The Wrong Price

Choosing the wrong listing price for your home can destroy your chances for a fast sale. Most of the action that takes place on your real estate listing occurs right after your property is listed. If the price is too high when you list it, the majority of buyers will simply skip past it, looking at other properties instead. Even if you lower the price later, it will be hard to recapture the attention of those potential buyers. Work with your agent to come up with a suitable listing price.

Mistake #3 – Failing To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Nobody wants to buy a house that is run down, dirty, or unattractive. If you expect to find a buyer right away, you need to spruce up your property before listing it. That means making repairs, deep cleaning, and staging the home for a fast sale.

As long as you avoid these mistakes, you should be able to sell your Durham, North Carolina home quickly.